How Important is IPv6 Readiness to the Cloud
  • June 11, 2019

Cloud deployment and IPv6 inclusion have rarely been considered together within a comprehensive infrastructure strategy. A crucial decision that service providers are often faced with is if they should include IPv6 readiness while designing their cloud infrastructure and whether OpenStack is required for IPv6 deployment. What most providers fail to recognize are the numerous capabilities IPv6 can offer to deployment and the diverse features and scalability it adds to the infrastructure.



The implementation of cloud and IPv6 together is a great decision from an execution perspective since the two are well equipped to leverage each other’s features to create a more optimal implementation. It is only recently that service providers are starting to realize the effectiveness of merging their cloud deployments with IPv6 readiness. They also now understand that OpenStack is not IPv6 ready and only a limited number of individuals are skilled enough to exploit its complete potential.

Since IT is core to their business, service providers have slowly come to develop a good sense of how to optimally orchestrate and deliver services. They recognize now that it is not only about the latest technologies but instead they clearly need more focus on operability and support. Hence, most providers are switching to OpenStack to automate their clouds and the process of creating carrier-grade OpenStack solutions is slowly starting to gain popularity. It is sure to see many variations among different providers like all other solutions.