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The best way to get an idea about the new field of technology is joining boot camp training, learning the basics of any majors intensively and rapidly.

Bootcamp Training

Boot Camp training at Galactic is focused on time intensive learning. It is a session based course, which comprises a lot of information and notions provided by our mentors in a short period of time or session. This is a really good way to start diving into any particular field and technology you are interested in. The majors of training are CCNA(Cisco), Microsoft, Red Hat, Java, .NET, and others.

Flexibility In Schedule

The very special things about boot camp training of Galactic is the session mode. The course participants are supposed to learn the things fast, getting batches of information through the educational sessions.

Engaging Environment

The boot camp training is taking the place in an informal environment, which is very engaging and interesting for the students. There is a room to experience open discussion, clarify the doubts and learn the new concepts in an easy-going environment.

Prepare for Certification Exams

When you are done successfully with the courses, we will provide you with mock tests on your majors. After these tests you will be prepared for the certification exams, which help you to drive the career better and demand higher salary.

Better Understanding of Self-Development

Through the courses you will define the area of interests and improvement much better. Also, the courses help in better understanding of underlying concepts and achieving the eligibility criteria. Our trainers will help to prepare for all the certification exams, as per the course requirements.

All-inclusive Schedule Packages

The sessions in camp training start early in the morning around 8 am and run till 4-5 including snacks and a lunch break on us. Practical exercises are part of this productive training sessions.

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