Call Solutions and Recording

Implement call recording to protect your business processes and train your employees using Network Telecom's NT Re-Call service, including call recording as standard. Provides a simple and affordable way to record calls from any phone.

Web Conference Recording

Solving your Business Needs

Logical Flexible Recording

Record inbound and outbound calls, as well as in-call content with just one line of code.

Metadata Record

Instantly to record the call duration and digits input when you get access to complete the recording.

Controlled Timeout

Customize the slience options while the calls, specifying the seconds of silence before ending the recording, or removing silence completely.


Textual representation of the audio recording and its an efficient solution for voicemail use cases.


If you need to be granted with an additional security, enable HTTP authentication for any stored media.

Conference Call Record

Record all call legs simultaneously for up to 40 callers.

Internet Scale

Record any number of calls, no extra configuration or planning capacity.

Recording Retention

Download, manage and erase your call recordings at any time, or store them forever, based on the data retention policies governing your business.

Embeddable Recordings

You can simply keep all the media that has been recorded in MP3 and WAV formats. It can be transcoded and streamed directly from the cloud.