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Step-up of your career

Get the best rewards completing the courses at Galactic the certificates you will get are recognized all over the world. Our certification will let you to apply for the job which will ramp up your career drastically.


The amount of the certificate you can get with Galactic Courses is ample. We conduct the courses related to Oracle, CISCO, Microsoft, IBM and many others. When the course is complete, you will be eligible for the final exam and getting the graduation certificate. Kindly contact us to learn the full list of the courses at Galactic.


Validate your expertise in particular areas, as per the requirements of Oracle with the courses of Galactic passing the tests for Oracle 11g or 12c to keep your certification current In Oracle Database.


CISCO certificates are available with the courses of Galactic. These certificates are supposed to bring you valuable and important rewards to drive the professional career better.


Microsoft certification is very valuable in the market. Most of these certifications have an upgrade path available, depending on the certification you have already achieved.


The IBM certification oriented courses at Galactic grant you an opportunity to validate your skills development, that will definitely help you and your company in future.

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