Cloud suggests a service you are getting over the Internet.Implementing cloud solutions you will be granted with an awesome opportunity to enhance monitoring of the calls through our data center.

Cloud communication solutions

Tringal call management solution

Tringal platform enables you to integrate seamlessly multiple business communications into your key business processes, so that you can accelerate revenue growth, drive efficiency, and gain valuable insight from communications data. Tringal Platform offers a bunch of cloud APIs and SDKs that integrates voice, SMS, and other communications. Furthermore, it provides access to communications data. Tringal Platform is designed for scale, availability and speed. The platform is accessed through cloud REST APIs to directly connect with inbound and outbound Tringal transactions and data.

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Super Receptionist

Super Receptionist is a phone service, which keeps track on your business calls twenty four-seven. It is modified to welcome your callers in the best and professional manner.

Miss Call Alert

Be always available for your clients using Miss Call Alert. Never miss the important calls and let your clients rely upon your techincal call support comprehensively.

Click to call

Click-to-call is a form of Web-based communication when the customer clicks a button, image or text to request an immediate connection with another person in real-time.

Business SMS

Business SMS has emerged as a booming trend for the business ventures. It has become an essential for those businessmen who are working to get their business on top.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is meant to build loyalty, trust and brand awareness! Start campaigns, enhance the relations with clients, sell the product with comprehensive Tringal Email marketing.

Digital Marketing

At Tringal, we are always ready to come up with top-notch digital marketing strategies, campaigns and solutions. We handle and deliver the digital marketing projects from the inception and achieve the impressive results!

Toll free Number

A toll-free number is always easy to remember for you Callers! The number contains the characters which are simple for mnemonics.


With the Reports of Tringal you can easily monitor all the necessary details of your calls, such as: call duration, call start and end time, the area of caller code, etc. Report it with no time!


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