DATA/WAP/Voice Analytics suite of products enables operators to create a traveler profile from the data they already command. Furthermore, it provides insights into ways of enhancing their direct revenues from these travelers (both outbound and inbound).

Data Services Features

VAS Products

Galactic is a leading player in VAS Services, focused on developing and deploying VAS solutions, applications and platforms for organizations across the globe. We specialize in end-to-end solutions with managed services.

Network Solutions

Keep track on your network operations with Galactic Network Solutions. It helps you to stay tuned in any place accross the globe. You can get an access to the panel to control your process and start managing anytime.

Innovation Plarform

Galactic platform of processes' management is realiable and robust enough to rely upon it. You won't regret using it. The platform opens an ample world of new opportunities and flexible solutions for the business.


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Sound Effects

Real-time status and sound effect confirms your message delivery.