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Dedicated to quality and successfully reaches the intended recipient.

Our Messaging Deliverability

Delivery Receipts

The delivery report is a notification that comes to the user device as a SMS message.

Data Set Defining

Some of users mobile phone number attempted may be misformatted, and some users have disabled SMS on phone which may not support Short Code originated SMS for that we defined data set.

Spam Filters

Filtering out the messages, can cause real messages to be undelivered,even more, generating a valid delivery report. To fight the large number of unsolicited text messages, carriers opt to filter out sms messages they consider spam.

Phone cannot receive message

SMS is the most reliable way to send text messages.There are times when the message does not reach the recipient's device,even after succesfuly submitted to the carrier.

Per-Request Information

Status information of every SMS sent like real time delivery of sms , decision making etc.

Sending The Wrong Content

All phones not supports all languages.For instance sending a chinese message to a french phone will get to the handset but will not display to the user.