Enterprise Solutions

There are several solutions out there that people can use as a point solution. We are the only one that enables extension to the entire enterprise.

Cloud communication solutions


Tringal platform enables you to integrate seamlessly multiple business communications into your key business processes, so that you can accelerate revenue growth, drive efficiency, and gain valuable insight from communications data. Tringal Platform offers a bunch of cloud APIs and SDKs that integrates voice, SMS, and other communications. Furthermore, it provides access to communications data. Tringal Platform is designed for scale, availability and speed. The platform is accessed through cloud REST APIs to directly connect with inbound and outbound Tringal transactions and data.

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Web Solutions

Cool Box

We started as a baby-division of Galactic Solutions. Galactic has earned really good reputation, providing the clients with a bunch of telecom, cloud and software development services. We even worked with graphic design and website building. More and more of the clients working with us were also in web-services executed with our values and sleeves-up approach. That is why we decided to start a new project, comprising the best existing developers with new designers, engineers and writers from different countries. Now we command an international team which is working on website development, branding design, user interface and user experience design, digital marketing, consulting, business strategy, etc. We work to create the valuable and awesome brands! Fighting with endless nonsense, vapid design and dull development, we create the value for your brand in a CoolBox way.

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