Control Cloud Calls with superior Galactic solutions

Galactic's voice application helps you to monitor Cloud Calls and comprises the power of top-notch call controlling and global connectivity. It is an all-in-one phone call powerhouse which has been specifically designed for flexibility, instant scale, and cost-effective communications.

Galactic Voice

Bringing voice for your apps.

SIP Interface

Launch Galactic Apps with its intelligent voice infrastructure.

Feedback API

Keep track on customers' input estimating the quality of every single call.

Audio Recording

This audio function allows you to store, transcribe and record calls or specific interactions.

Audio Playback

With playback you can always play pre-recorded voice prompts and music.


Host different conferences in a simple and comprehensive way, bridging any combination of client, SIP, and PSTN calls.

Call Queues

Don't make your callers get bored waiting for call queue, building intelligent hold experiences for them.

Usage & Triggers API

Monitor your trigger custom webhooks and live usage.