10 Most Important Meta Tags You Need to Know for SEO

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The meta tags are the HTML tags that define your page content to the search engines as well as the visitors of your website. These meta-tags appear only in the page code of your website and can be checked by any person with the help of a website source code. But this will not render accurate results to get the best results we need to focus on a comprehensive SEO strategy. In this article, we will get to know about some of the most important meta tags which are very important from the SEO  point of view.


Given below is the list of  the Meta tags which ell help you make your SEO more effective and fruitful for your business :

1. Title Tags:

The title tag is the most important and acts as an anchor for your website. It especially appears as a clickable headline in the SERPs. It is the one that appears on social media accounts and browsers. The tags provide users with a clear idea about the website. This meta tag is the first thing which a searcher notice while searching in the SERP.

2. Meta Description Tags:

Description tags are the head of a webpage and are usually not defined in SERPs and are shipped along with a title and page URL. The description along is a snippet and invites searches to a click. Meta description tags are the main factor in competitive research to find which content is best for you.

3. Heading Tag:

Heading tags are the HTML tags that are used to identify the heading and subheadings and subheadings within your content from the other types of content. The heading tags are easier to record for the search engines and act as an anchor for the users. Using the heading tag certainly adds up to the architecture of the content.

4. Image Alt Attributes:

The image alt attributes are added in an image to describe its content to the users. Alt attributes are important due to their usability and can be displayed on any particular image to describe it in the most better manner. They are mostly used because search engines cannot see images It is a very important tag in the case of e-commerce sites as images play a major role in these types of sites.

5. Nofollow Attributes:

The external outbound links are the links on your website pointing to other sites. Naturally, these are used to refer to the proven sources and point people towards the other useful sources or mention a relevant site for some other reason. Adding a Nofollow attribute to the link helps in instructing the search engine not to follow the link.

6. Robots Meta Tag:

The page-level robot meta tag with content=“noindex”  attribute orders the search engine not to index any given page. These tags do not correlate with the rankings directly and in some cases, they Amy have an impact on how your website looks. Firstly it will have a sitewide search recommended by Google. opinion 

7. rel=” canonical” Link Tag:

The rel=” canonical” Link Tag is used to instruct the search engine which version of the page is being considered as main by your business and will be indexed by the search engines to be found by the visitors. This tag is usually used in cases where there are multiple URLs or multiple pages for any website.

8. Schema Markup:

The speed markup is a specific technique of organizing the data on each of the web pages of your website in such a way that it is easily recognizable by the search engines. It is a great feature to be implemented because of a win-win situation offers. The structured Scheme markup is a great value to your user interface and covers the huge SEO  value.

9. Social Media Tags:

Social media is an important part of your business. The social media tags are very helpful in raising the value of your SEO activities. For example, an open graph system in which you can control how your content appeared on your web page. Twitter cards are also very useful. You can use any of the social media tags to male your page look interesting.

10. Viewport Meta Tag:

The viewpoint Meta tags allow you to configure how the page would be scaled and displayed in the other device. The tag is no brainer to add but only one screenshot is enough to add in google to see the difference. The viewpoint meta tag does not have any effect on the rankings but has a great effect on the user experience.


These are some of the important Meta tags which help enhance the quality of your SEO efforts. These small changes help you to enhance your SEO efforts and make them more enhanced some meta tags must have as they make up the taxonomy of your page. The right kind of tags makes your sites easy to find by the users. The more use you make of the meta tag them are input you will get for your website. You need to use these meta tags to get the best results.

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