How to Build a Mobile App Requirements Document

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These days every business desire to have its mobile application to help them reach customers worldwide. Developing a mobile application for your business is a crucial decision and needs proper specification mentioned in detail to avoid any confusion later on. For this, the developers demand a document in which all your mobile application requirements, the purpose for which the document is being created, features you want in your application, programming languages to be used in the application, and any other specification of the application.


This document is known as the app requirement application. This document must be designed clearly to get an excellent application. The document provides you with an outline of the business logic, technical details. It becomes a guide for your tactical team which provides them with a roadmap to move further.


Why is writing requirements very crucial for your business?

Let us suppose you require an application for your enterprise and you have given its description to the development team. However when you get the application but finds that there is a great discrepancy in the application which is developed in actual. To avoid this situation you need the mobile app requirement document to state your requirements in a detailed manner.

A properly designed document will give you a better idea about your requirements and give a good shape to your ideas in the form of a beatifying designed mobile application. Make sure that the developer understands your requirements well and work according to it.

Steps to Create a Mobile App Requirement Document:

There are a few easy steps to create a mobile application requirement document to help you create your document in the best manner. The steps are given below:

Create an Ideal Description:

First of all, you need to create an ideal description of the application which you want to create for your business. In this description, you will mention the purpose for which you need the application, its objectives, and how it should be designed. Make sure the description is written crisply so that the developers can understand it easily.

Assign the Right Sequence:

While developing the application the developers had to follow certain activities and that also in the right sequence. While designing the requirement document you need to determine the right sequence of steps that developers need to follow. This sequence will help you in setting the right sequence of the application development.

Referring to the Existing Applications: 

To develop the right applications for your business. You can review these applications and check what improvements you need to do in your application. By reviewing the existing applications you can get to know the basic working of a mobile application. You need to check for the research gaps to check the right kind of application.

Identify the Priority Features:

There are various features possessed by an application but all of them are not priority features. You need to identify your priority features which you want to develop in your application. By identifying these features you need to check on which features you want to primarily work and how you have to develop them in that time frame.

Provide Relevant Details Only:

While creating the requirement document you need to check which details are relevant and which are irrelevant. As sometimes we mention very large details in the requirements which confuse the technical team. We should only mention the details which are relevant and related to our study. Also, there must be someplace for innovation. If everything will be predefined it will cause redundancy.

Create Wireframes:

Along with the text, you should provide the wireframes of the mobile application as well. In case there are four or more wireframes you can create the screen amp. The screen maps are very helpful as they complement the required document even further. This helps in providing the visual representation and helps developers to get a better understanding of the document. Make sure your screen maps are clear and visible to everyone.

Choose the Correct Requirement Format:

The format in which your requirement is being posted matters a lot. Once you get to know which is the right format you will be able to prepare your requirement document in that particular format. Usually, there are three types of requirement document formats i.e.

Functional Specification Document (FSD):

This is a fundamental format for mobile applications as in this we specify all the relevant details in the form of a list.

User Stories:

In this, the things are expressed as per the user's point of view. All the things are mentioned asp er the choice and preferences of the users of the application.

Sketches and Wireframes:

With the help of Sketches and Wireframes, you will be able to provide the users with an overview of the overall visual look of the application.

These are some of the commonly used document requirement designs which are used to represent the requirements. You can choose any design as per your choice and nature of the application you want to design.


The above article is lustrated what is retirement document and how it is useful in the case of mobile applications. These designs give a clear picture of what you expect from your mobile application and what so the reasons behind its creation. All these steps will help you get an overview of the application requirement document and also in this, we have mentioned the types of designs in which the document can be created.

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