The Dos and Do not of Responsive Web Design

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In today world having an attractive and well-designed website is very much essential for your business growth and success. The concept of responsive web designs means that when we make dynamic changes in the appearance of the website as per the screen size and device orientation. Responsive web design is very much essential for creating the best user experience for your customers. Responsive web designs are the most trending technology on the internet these days. Creating a responsive web design is not an easy task, you need to be vigilant and proactive. There are various aspects that you need to consider while creating a responsive web design such as the content of the website, design, and the type of user-friendliness it possesses.



# Do ‘s of Responsive Web Design

Here are some of the points which you need to keep in mind while creating responsive web designs. Following these points properly will help you create a responsive web design for your business:

1. Design the website by keeping in mind the user experience in mind

User experience is an important aspect that you need to consider while creating a responsive web design. The design of your website should be such that it helps in providing the users with the best user experience. User experience usually depends upon two factors first one is what type of device is being used by the users whether it is a mobile or a laptop. The second factor is the goals and objectives which the user wants to achieve.’

2. Keep the size of your page to be minimum by making use of excellent performance practices

The screen size should be kept to a minimum as this will help in making your website a better one. You can make use of the best performance-related practices and techniques. In this, we need to make the screen size suitable for every type of device such as mobile devices, laptops, and other devices.

3. Plan your Website Layout in advance

You need to plan your website layout as this will help you in analyzing the changes you should do to make it more attractive and appealing for the audience. You can also decide the cost and type of design which will be more suitable for your business. The layout designed by you must be reliable and flexible. You can take the help of external parties to make effective layout planning.

4. Do your plugins optimization

In case you are working on a WordPress plugin for some time then you don’t need the power of WordPress plugins. Even the people who have expertise in HTML rely on the plugins to enhance the effectiveness of their website. By making use of plugins you can make your web design more responsive and user friendly. The plugins allow you to replace the non-responsive themes with the responsive ones and the themes which are easier to use and implement.

5. Make use of large Fonts

You should make use of large fonts on your website as this will help in making your website look more attractive and the information on the website with large font size help in making your text become easy to read by the users. We need to ensure that the font size and style is appropriate and exact as per the requirement of your business. Bold and attractive font color should be used.

6. Add Your creativity

Creativity plays a crucial role in making your website look more attractive. The websites which are creative and user friendly are very beneficial for your business. You need to add innovative colors, graphics, and designs to make your website look amazing and appealing to the users and also increases your user experience.

# Don’ts of Responsive Web designs

Here are some of the things which you should avoid while designing a responsive web design

1. Don’t ide content for mobile users

Sometimes it might happen that the people who are accessing your website in mobile phones are not able to read the full text due to small screen size. This can cause a negative impact on your business in their mind. You need to make your text i=flexible so that mobile users can easily view the full text on your website. This can be done by writing optimum content on your website so that it can be easily adjustable in small screen sizes.

2. Avoid Using tiny links

Using small links can sometimes cause a problem for the users in assessing the website. Make sure that your line-height is 1.4 or more than that. The body font size should be at least 16 px. The size of bottom and navigation links shall be more than or equal to 8 pixels. All these changes will make it easy for users to access your website. Make sure you remember these specifications while creating an attractive web design.

3. Do not clutter the design

The website user experience is a very broad term and is used to enhance the user experience. You need to understand that cluttering the designs can be very harmful as this can make your web design look less attractive. So, you should try not to clutter the web design of your website. Use a combination of various web designs and themes for your website.

4. Don.t Forget the touch screen

Mobile users are usually making use of touch screens. For accessing websites Whenever you develop any application do not forget to test it using the touch screen. You need to check the performance of the applications using the touch screen and try clicking on various icons and toolbars. As most of the devices today even the laptops are available in touch screen format.

5. Do not inflate the file size

Although every business desire to make their content look attractive and can be easily visible to all the visitors on the website. But for this, you should not enlarge your file size. Rather you need to update the content as it is and make it slim as per the size of the mobile screen. Ask your designers to make mobile-friendly images.

6. Do not design your website as per the specific screen size

Never design your website keeping in mind a specific screen size of any popular device. You need to design your website which can easily run on every kind of mobile device. Your website should be suitable to run on every kind of device.


In the above article, w have discussed the few do’s and Don’ts which you need to take into consideration to help to create a responsive web design for your business. All these do’s and don’ts will increase the effectiveness of your website and make it look more attractive and amazing for the users. You need to take the help of experts while designing graphics and images for your website. And the content of the website should also be clearly and fully visible on every device such as mobile, laptop, and tablets. Making your website more responsive and unique you need to do is pay attention to every aspect of the website and try to make it looks amazing.

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