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Scam and spams are very common marketing tactics which can destroy the brand image of any business entity and can lead to serious consequences. Spam can be defined as any rumors or an unwanted email or message sent by an external party by using the name of a company without their permission. This can be done to degrade the brand image of a company. This can be very frustrating for any company whether big or small as this can negatively influence the thinking of consumers towards the company.

A large number of fake publications, posts, and poor reviews and information are available on Google as well as other social media platforms related to some of the popular and renowned companies such as Galactic InfoTech Solutions Pvt.Ltd.These fake website authors sometimes engage in other illegal and unauthorized activates in order to get high ranking for their websites on search engines. The other reason for doing these illegal activities can be blackmailing the reupdated companies to get finance from them. As a customer you should be aware of such deceptive and fake information should not affect your perception about any company.

Legal Actions

Galactic Infotech Solutions Pvt Ltd will take strict action against such fraudulent activities undertaken by certain websites that have been created to publish fake posts and information to destroy the brand image of the targeted company. All such activities of online scams and spams should be checked immediately by using a creditable and reliable source.

Preventing such scams and spams should be the first priority.

Scams and spams are very disturbing for a business as they can negatively impact the brand image of a business. The given below points will help in preventing such fraudulent activities:

  1. Keep a check on verified and unverified feedback with the help of a filter. To check whether the comments are real or fake first check if all the critics have purchased a tour product or not.
  2. Do not use brands that are not known to you as it is a possibility that less popular brands have fake ratings and reviews. This can shatter the customer’s trust.
  3. Check the reviews and rating of your business on a regular basis and beware of the reviews which have similar content you should give them a red flag. Also check if there is the bulk posting of reviews then it can be bots zs most of the inauthentic reviews are created using computers.
  4. Make your applications secure by using the best tools and techniques such as biometrics and one-time passwords and security keys through mobile apps.
  5. If you notice any suspicious or unusual activity going on in the organization then you should report it to the concerned authorities and network administration of the organization.
  6. Whenever you see any wrong posts or blog about your company on social media platforms report it immediately or ask the concerned person to delete I immediately.

Tips for customers regarding fake reviews and data

  1. Be cautious while using a website always check the URL first as there can be two websites with a similar name but the URL will have either different spelling or a different domain.
  2. Before entering your personal information do check the authenticity of the website.
  3. In case you want to contact any company to do this by using the contact information on the account statement rather than information given in the email.
  4. In case you are unsure about the sender of the mail than before responding to it contact the concerned company first.
  5. To avoid the risk of malware infection you should keep all your computers, earphones and other gadgets clean.

Notice for visitors

These are some of the ways to protect your business from such fraudulent activities. Please let us know if you know some other measures to help protect the business from this type of fraud activity. We would use those points in our next article.

Beware of these types of scams and spams.

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Beware of fake,phishing and spoof emails!

We have recently become aware that somebody is sending fake,phishing and spoof emails as well as calls with the company name,and/or the work related to online data entry.We have nothing to do with such emails.For more information,read ourprivacy policy.